Maroon Group Accommodation

The Maroon Group Accommodation products are centred on a Sustainable Developments focus that incorporates design and planning for economical, environment and community sustainability.

  • MGA currently operates an accommodation facility in Calliope. The accommodation facility is under full management including catering, cleaning, timetabling, landscaping/garden maintenance, and building maintenance in partnership with Evolution Facility Management.
  • New designs for multi – storey relocatable units (up to 9 stories) have been developed over the past years using the very latest in construction materials and technologies. These are already being sought for international tourism markets and will be used in MGA projects this year.
  • MGA has designed modern, contemporary relocatable multi-storey housing, of up to 5 bedrooms, requiring very little onsite labour, significantly reducing time and costs in construction.

Accommodation Features

All MGA buildings are manufactured to a Class 3 standard and include the following features:

  • Oversized Rooms with Queen size bed
  • TV with Internet/Austar connection (if applicable)
  • Fridge
  • Ensuite shower and toilet with AAA rated water saving devices in all
  • Air-conditioning
  • Hard wired Fire Alarm; Structural, Fire and Sound Proof Standards
  • Storage cupboard & Free standing safe
  • Veranda’s

Accommodation Facilities

All MGA Facilities are built to 4 Star Standard including:

  • Site Water Treatment Plant
  • Storm Water storage and use facility
  • Onsite Laundries
  • Mess Hall and Wet Mess
  • Community area that can include BBQ’S, Gym and Recreation room
  • Sealed car parks
  • Disabled car space
  • Bus drop off zones
  • Concrete Pathways
  • Fully Landscaped gardens