Nebo Junction


A: ”Nebo Junction”, corner of Peak Downs Highway and Suttor Development Road, Nebo, QLD


The Accommodation Camp comprises of 162 en-suited modern units, with 15 older style rooms used by staff and for storage. Other Facilities include a semi-modern service station, 3 lane canopy, shop, restaurant, kitchen, stores, dining and amenities for the accommodation facility.

The site maintains its own fully operational sewerage treatment works to service 800 and water treatment plants to service 500 rooms. This site has in principal approval to expand to 644 en-suited modern units. The facility at last inspection was running at saturation occupancies providing services to the coal mining industry.

Facility Features

All of our accommodations Facilities are to 4 Star Standard:

  • Site Water Treatment Plant
  • Storm Water storage and use facility
  • Onsite Laundries
  • Mess Hall and Wet Mess
  • Concrete Pathways
  • Fully Landscaped gardens

Accommodation Features
All of our accommodation buildings are manufactured to a Class 3 standard and include the following features:

  • Oversized Rooms
  • Ensuite shower and toilet with AAA rated water saving devices in all
  • Storage cupboard & Free standing safe
  • Structural, Fire and Sound Proof Standards
  • Veranda’s