Our Company

The Maroon Group Pty Ltd (TMG) was established in 2004 to rethink accommodation service provisions to the resource & tourism industries including a strong focus on Sustainable Development.

The aim was to raise the awareness & standard of accommodation in these market sectors. This extended across all areas of Accommodation facilities, from design & construction to manufacturing & production & to management & maintenance of daily operations.

We give a commitment to organisations in the mining / infrastructure sector to provide high quality accommodation for their key workers while considering the needs of the local communities & environments.

The Maroon Group is an Australian based Company specializing in the following industries:

  • Property development
  • Premium accommodation solutions for remote industry, including temporary and or permanent housing.
  • Villas and holiday accommodation.

Our Mission

Maroon Group aim to set a standard in the market place that is currently lacking. We will extend these standards across all areas of our business, from design and production to management and maintenance of our accommodation. We give a commitment to a wide variety of industries to provide high quality accommodation for their individual workers while considering the needs of the local community and environment as a whole. The MG will set current industry requirements as our minimum standard, while still remaining competitive in the market place. MG understands that by providing a higher quality accommodation and associated facilities, this inevitably results in a higher productivity for our clients.

Our Philosophy

“To exceed our client’s expectations through our standards, service, and reliability”.

We set the cornerstone of our business on the following:

  • by employing fantastic Staff, and continually developing and enhancing their skills and training.
  • by designing environmentally Sustainable accommodation utilizing the latest in water and energy saving technologies.
  • by creating Strong relationships with our customers, this can only be achieved by delivering on time and within budget.
  • by setting the highest of Standards within the industry; and continually improving these standards in new and innovative ways.

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